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Concert on High: Featuring Fr Rob Galea and his band

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November, 2015
Concert on High:

St Kilian’s priest Rob Galea performed in Bendigo recently for the first time.

The “Concert on High” was performed in the public space at the foot of the Sacred Heart Cathedral. It supported and raised funds for the Aspire Precinct.

“It is a most rewarding place to perform with my band and bring the excellence of music to a community I love and want to serve,” Fr Galea said.
“Aspire are running the concert and it is an opportunity to support the great work they are doing.”

The Aspire Precinct is Australia’s first ecumenical interfaith precinct and will be a vibrant learning, community and entrepreneurial hub providing a gateway to the cultural histories of the region.

“It’s focused around understanding the people that came to goldfields,” Aspire’s Marg O’Rourke said.

“There were around 26 nationalities that arrived here. People came to the goldfields with nothing but the shirt on their back and faith that they would find gold. Bendigo is a city of many firsts and with the Aspire Precinct we continue that tradition.”

Fr Galea featured on the X Factor earlier this year.

“It created a wider and bigger audience and I’m grateful for that,” he said.

Concert on High was on at Sacred Heart Cathedral on December 12.  Some highlights are included in the slideshow below.

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Highlights of Concert on High - Aspire Cultural and Charitable Foundation